Hydrate Your Body From A Cellular Level

When the cell is dehydrated, Oxygen and essential nutrients cannot enter it readily causing metabolic waste build up. When your cells are not functioning optimally neither can your body. Hydration is primary for energy production inside the cells, even the slightest water loss causes a big drop in energy.

“For every one percent drop of water inside your cells, energy production is cut by 10 percent” – Dr. Brian D. Foltz and Joe Ferrara, PhD

In the field of athletics, truly competitive athletes do whatever they can to find an edge, especially when it comes to cutting edge technology. Those in charge of keeping top athletes properly hydrated understand it is not just how much you drink, but what you drink.

"It is one of the simplest and most powerful things that you can do to combat a wide range of disease processes. Starting in Japan, professional sports teams drink alkaline water to improve their performance" - Dr Ray Kurzweiland & Dr Terry Grossman, Author of Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever.

The majority of bottled waters and sports drinks reduce our body of alkalizing minerals and steal vital calcium from bones, cartilage and tissues.  However, drinking Spartacus Water will have a profound positive effect on your athletic performance, including: faster running times, more intense workouts with less body ache, and increased flexibility. Essentially, you can unleash the warrior within you and maximize your body's potential by properly hydrating from a cellular level.

"What I am telling the world is to drink alkaline water in order to wash out acidic wastes, the universal cause of many adult diseases” Sang Whang, Author of Reverse Aging

The process of breathing triggers muscles to constantly contract, causing a detrimental byproduct of lactic and pyretic acid to build up. These acids are the cause of muscle fatigue and weakness.  The more acidic our bodies are, the less a muscle can contract. It has been shown that having high levels of acid in our body, is a direct link to inflammatory disorders, chronic injury and even cancer. We've all experienced the pain and discomfort of these acids building up during intense workouts, which is where Spartacus Water comes in.

“The water is reconfigured into a lighter, simpler form that is definitely more absorbable in the body.” Dr Theodore Baroody, DC. ND, Ph D Nutrition, Author Alkalize or Die

 Acid Buildup cause muscle fatigue, weakness and a drop in energy

Spartacus Water is micro-clustered

Think of regular water as tennis balls and your body’s cell wall as a chain link fence. Most of the clusters are just too big to fit through. The water bounces off the cell walls and sits unabsorbed in your stomach.  Spartacus Water is more like throwing golf balls at the same fence, easily penetrating your cell walls allowing vitamins, minerals, supplements and other essential nutrients to be absorbed by your muscle tissue like never before.

 "Hydration is vitally important. The proper hydration is even more important.” - Shan Stratton

Shan Stratton, a Sports Nutritional Consultant for the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, PGA, LPGA, and NASCAR, works with many professional teams (NY Yankees, Arizona Diamondbacks, Houston Rockets, and LA Dodgers) and countless famous athletes (Kurt Warner, Maria Sharapova, Reggie Jackson, and Cynthia Cooper to name a few) concerning nutrition. He is an international speaker helping educate the world about the tremendous health benefits of drinking alkalized, antioxidant-charged, super-hydrating water.

“…Over 16 years I’ve been teaching that supplementation is the proper and important direction for us…without the proper hydration, that is alkaline, we will continually face the same challenges we see today…” - Shan Stratton

Spartacus Water hydrates tissues from a cellular level, meaning the ultra-hydrated tissues dispose of acids quicker. By properly increasing cellular hydration and your body's alkalinity, your body will be able to combat acidic residue, leaving you with a reduced risk of injury and healthier muscles. The ultra hydration you experience with Spartacus Water is unlike anything else because your body works with greater efficiency, more oxygen is absorbed into your cells, you experience increased muscle performance and stamina, and acidic waste stored in fat cells is efficiently removed. The restructuring of the water also means the benefits are absorbed into tissues faster than any other type of water or sports drink.

"Almost all the hydrants we consume in the marketplace today…the Gatorades, the sports drinks… Things we in America consume as a hydrant are very acidic. As we improve the alkalinity of the body we see so many beneficial effects, especially in athletes!" – Shan Stratton

Wade Lightheart, 3 time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion, came back after several years of retirement from bodybuilding to win the third of his 3 titles. He felt so strongly about the advantages of using alkaline water that he wrote a book about his experiences, titled Vital Power.

“There is something very different about this water. As an athlete for the last twenty years, I know my body pretty well and I knew that I had never tasted anything like this.  There was something happening on a cellular level as the water went into my body.” – Wade Lightheart

Wade talks about how within days of drinking the water, he lost a significant amount of body fat and was able to train more than double his peak volume levels with no pain, no fatigue and no inflammation.

“My recovery factor is through the roof. I have increased my training to two and a half times the volume of what I have done at my very peak. My muscle soreness has virtually been reduced to zero.  My max VO2 (which is how effectively your body uses Oxygen) has jumped over 6 points. My body fat continues to drop.  I also notice a stronger nutritional effect from all my supplements.” – Wade Lightheart

For athlete’s looking to gain every possible edge and achieve your physical potential, remember one phrase: You Are What You Drink.  
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